FAQ’s and useful links

Q: How do I make an appointment to see the preschool?
A: Email: director@emmerickstreet.com.au Phone: 9810 4845 (10am-2pm Thurs-Fri). Email is the preferred method of contact as phone calls are an interruption to the flow of the preschool day.


Q: Is there a waiting list?
A: Yes, there is a waiting list. By waiting list we mean the list that every one’s name goes on to for allocation of places. Children need to be at least two years old to go on the waiting list.  In August the teaching director will go through the list and contact the parents of children who will be offered a place. Priority is given to siblings, children with additional needs.


Q: What does my child need to bring to preschool?
A:  A large school bag that can fit all their belongings containing:

  • A healthy lunch and drink – no lollies, sweet biscuits or chips please.  In a lunch box. ( no cooler bags as lunches are refrigerated)
  • A piece of fruit or healthy snack in a separate container for morning tea.  This could be fruit, vegetables, cheese, olives, yogurt or dried fruit.  Variety is good.                                      To be put in the morning tea “esky”
  • A school hat – to be purchased at the Preschool when enrolling.
  • A complete spare set of clothes (including underpants, more than one pair if your child is prone to accidents).
  • Wet weather gear for rainy days (gumboots and raincoats).

Please make sure your child’s name is clearly marked on all belongings .

Please apply sunscreen and mosquito repellent each day before coming to preschool.

We ask that the children do not bring toys from home into the preschool.  A comfort toy for sleep time or during the settling in period is permitted.


Q: Does the preschool provide food?
A:  No. We do not provide food at the preschool. At morning tea, Educators will be serve  water or milk in cups for the children to choose.

For special occasions, cooking experience offered to children and children will be offered this for consumption.


Q :  What do we do when we arrive?
A: Upon arriving at preschool: Please support Children to be responsible for unpacking their own bags and place items.

  • Sign your child in on the daily sign-in sheet located in the foyer. You must also sign your child out when you pick them up.
  • Hang your child’s bag up in the locker room.
  • Place your child’s lunchbox in the fridge.(be mindful of size)
  • Place your piece of fruit or other healthy snack in container, in “Esky”  just outside the kitchen.
  • Place your child’s drink bottle in the plastic container provided.

Feel free to spend a short time playing with your child to help them settle in.  This is especially helpful when first starting at preschool. When you decide to go please let an educator know and they will assist your child to settle into the day after they have said goodbye.

We have a no nut policy 

Q: Can I get the Child Care Rebate?
A: As we a ‘registered’ provider you will be able to claim the Child Care Benefit as opposed to the Child Care Rebate.
For information regarding the Child Care Benefit (CCB) please follow the link to the Family Assistance Office or give them a call on 13 6150.

We are registered under the Birchgrove Community Association- Emmerick Street Community Preschool.  Our Centrelink Registered Carer Number is: 210548217B.


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